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isofix bt chemical reactor

We are a chemical company, based in Italy, active since 1972.

We manufacture chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry and we are
specializing in finishing lubricant for cocoon bobbins thread.

Cocoon bobbins (also known as coreless bobbins, shuttle bobbins, shiffli back yarn bobbins) are used for the under-thread component in "schiffli" embroidery and quilting machines.

To get the best and most efficient results from quilting/embroidery operation, high quality shuttle bobbins are needed.

But making good bobbins is not easy. Many factors are involved:
  • Correct thread choice
  • Exact twist and shrinkage factor
  • Suitable environmental conditions
  • Convenient finishing treatment

Here we come in. Our special finishing oil is a "key factor" to get perfect cocoon bobbins, with superior performance properties.

isofix bt manufacturing process

is our finish for cocoon bobbins thread.

ISOFIX BT is well known all over the world: it is recommended by some major manufacturers of cocoon bobbins winders and it is used in the oiling devices of most winding machines (one for all: Sigma by Casati Carlo AG).

ISOFIX BT brings substantial benefits:
  • bobbins do not collapse when partly used, even in modern high speed machines;
  • thread gives consistent tensioning through the total lenght of the bobbin;
  • thread sews accurately and regularly from the beginning to the end;
  • friction and static charge are strongly reduced, thus avoiding thread breaking;
  • age and heat do not affect bobbins performances.

The above mentioned benefits reduce waste and downtime, meanwhile ensuring a high quality of quilted/embroidered products.

No other pre-lubricant or final chemical treatment is needed to get perfect cocoon bobbins. This reduces factory costs and brings higher efficiency.

ISOFIX BT is ready for use, no dilution is required. The application level is around 2% by weight.

ISOFIX BT goes directly in the oiling device of the bobbin winder, be it basin/roll, volumetric pump or soaked felt. See the pictures below.


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isofix bt manufacturing process

ISOFIX BT is suitable for most types of thread:
  • polyester (continuous filament, spun poly, poly/poly core spun, HT, texturized)
  • polyamide
  • cotton
  • polynosic spun
  • speciality threads (e.g aramid thread)
ISOFIX BT is compatible with most commonly encountered cationic and anionic textile auxiliaries. It does not alter colours stability and does not stain. It has been toxicologically tested and it is not toxic at all. It is not corrosive.

ISOFIX BT is stable for periods up to 24 months under normal storage conditions.

Standard packaging: 60 and 120 liters polyethylene drums or 1000 liters IBC.
Minimum packaging, for testing purpose only: 10 liters tank.

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